Budget Spreadsheet Google Sheets

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Budgeting with pen and paper is not for everybody. That's where this budgeting spreadsheet comes in. 

Even if you do budget with pen and paper, it's good to have an electronic version of your budget so that you can refer back to it months or even years later. That's where this budgeting spreadsheet also comes in. 

This is a simple and easy to understand budget spreadsheet using Google Sheets. It's versatile and not confusing. What I've essentially tried to do is make the budgeting spreadsheet as automated as possible giving you less work to do on your end.

Budgeting with spreadsheets does not have to be overly complicated.

This is a digital file so no physical product will actually be shipped to you.


  • Google Sheets spreadsheet
  • Budget sheet for all 12 months of the year
    • Monthly Budget
    • Bi-Weekly Paycheck Budget
    • Week Paycheck Budget
  • Monthly budget summary
  • Blank budget template
  • Year end summary (automatically calculated)
  • Columns for the budgeted amount, the actual amount and the difference
  • Pre-filled categories that is easily customizable (editable)
  • Check boxes to track your paid expenses

Extra Notes Regarding This Spreadsheet

There are no graphs and charts in this spreadsheet workbook.

Even though the spreadsheet is created with Google Sheets, you can still use it with Microsoft Excel which I show you how to do in the tutorial video. The formulas should carry over to Excel just fine, but you will get a "FALSE" error where the check boxes are in the Google Sheets file.

Unfortunately, I cannot provide advanced technical support for this spreadsheet. I can answer general questions if there are mistakes or issues on my end, but if you are new to spreadsheets, Google and YouTube will be your best friend (I use them on the daily).

Refund Policy - Due to the nature of these digital products, there are no refunds.